Why Do We Love Online Quizzes?

 This looks boring. Where are all the cat gifs?!?

This looks boring. Where are all the cat gifs?!?

Though I've conducted several Google searches on the topic (several! really!), I haven't been able to find a satisfactorily conclusive explanation of why people, myself included, enjoy taking personality tests so much.

On the silly side, absurd quizzes like this are just plain fun. On the serious side, personality quizzes like this or this can help us understand ourselves and others a little bit better.  And on the really serious side, diagnostic quizzes like this can completely revolutionize the way you see yourself and the rest of the world.

But where's the science telling us why we find online quizzes to be just about as tantalizing as click-bait listicles

Until I know the answer, I'll just have to take comfort in the knowledge that I will probably be able to survive through the predicted Justin Bieber Clone Wars of 2015.

How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight?

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