Look! A Thinking Place!


In a spontaneous search for the word for someone who loves horses, I found this list of philias at a site called The Phrontistery. The Phrontistery was created by Dr. Stephen Chrisomalis, a Canadian "linguistic anthropologist who specializes in the anthropology of mathematics and the interaction of language, cognition and culture."

As Dr. Chrisomalis explains, "phrontistery" is a word derived from the Greek word phrontistes, which means "thinker." The Phrontistery "is meant to be a thinking-place for reflection and intellectual stimulation." If you're interested in reflecting upon stimulating words, it's a good place for you.

Also, if Dr. Chrisomalis's combined areas of expertise intrigue you, then you might benefit from nerding out on his blog, the Glossographia. He doesn't dumb down his thoughts, but he does put them in short, easily-consumable posts à la Seth Godin's blog.

P.S. - Happy Chinese New Year!

photo credit: Stuck in Customs via photopin cc