Two Resources To Help You Avoid Workout Boredom

  "Now, jump!" "WHEEEEE!!!" "Jump again!" "WOOHOOOOO!!!" "And again!" "WAHOOEEEE!!!" 

"Now, jump!" "WHEEEEE!!!" "Jump again!" "WOOHOOOOO!!!" "And again!" "WAHOOEEEE!!!" 

 Working out is my jam, but I grow bored doing the same lifts, runs, and stretches over and over again. I'm always looking for some new exercise or activity to add to my repertoire. Lucky for me, January is the month when just about everyone's attention turns to fitness, so the internet and my podcasts are flooded with great new work out ideas. The two I'm most excited about right now are the 30 Day Fitness Challenges site and the Get Fit Guy's Top Five Winter Workouts.

The idea behind most 30 day fitness challenges is that you perform some kind of activity each day for 30 days, progressively increasing the difficulty as you go. I've seen ideas like the ones on before, but most of them fall into one of two categories: either absurdly easy or dangerously aggressive. These challenges hit a happy middle ground, though. You can add them to your existing routines without blowing out a kneecap, but you could also probably get a fitness boost by doing them on their own. Starting with the plank challenge, I'm going to try one of these challenges each month.

I'm also going to replace my existing workouts with the Top 5 Winter Workouts that Ben Greenfield, the resident Get Fit Guy over at Quick and Dirty Tips, describes in one of his recent podcasts. There is a workout for cardio, strength, balance, mobility, and endurance.  I'm going to try doing one each day and rotate through them in order. My tiny McGym lacks a lot of the equipment needed for these exercises, like boxes, bands, and kettlebell weights, so I'll have to get creative in my execution. But that should just make it more fun, right?

So, what are your fitness suggestions? How do you avoid becoming bored with the same old exercises?

photo credit: Edson Hong via photopin cc