Thanks for Cheering Me Up, Dance-Party-Scooter-Guy

photo (2).JPG

As I maneuvered my way through bumper-to-bumper Atlanta traffic on my way to a networking event in midtown tonight, I felt frustrated. Not only was I concerned about driving safely on wet roads, but I was also worrying over things that I have little control over (as I am wont to do). Stressful issues like the militarization of our police and the question of whether or not I will ever be able to vacation on the moon (this is important!) often occupy my mind and attention. I was becoming grumpier by the second.

As the traffic slogged on through the drizzling rain, I found myself directly behind a guy on a motor scooter. He was bouncing up and down and bobbing his head to music I couldn't hear. It must have been good music though, because drivers in the oncoming lane where his speakers were directed started smiling, waving, and dancing along with him. In an explosive movement, the scooter guy pumped his fist in the air whenever he made eye contact with a new audience member. He was so happy, even in though he was stuck in traffic in the cold rain. And he shared that happiness with everyone he passed.

The contagion got to me as well, and as I watched the dance-party-scooter-guy bob and weave off to who knows where, I allowed myself to let go of my worries. I decided to feel happy instead.

So thanks, dude. You made my night a good one.