Millennials and Unpaid Internships: "Trying to Build Careers Out of the Ruins of a Job Market"

bad job

After the Kardashians, Millennials comprise modern punditry's favorite punching bag. We make an easy target since we're relatively powerless, both economically and politically. Our genuine concerns sometimes sound like whining. But as Matt Bors explains, we also face real problems: "Maligned as a bunch of shiftless, tech-addled children raised to think they’d all get trophies, Millennials are trying to build careers out of the ruins of a job market." And to build those careers, many of us have worked at unpaid or poorly-paid internships.

I'm a Millennial who has taken more than one unpaid internship in hope that I would be able to leverage it towards a better career. It worked out for me in the long run, but I still sympathize with the frustrated young adults in the expositively-titled New York Times article, "For Interns, All Work and No Payoff: Millennials Feel Trapped in a Cycle of Internships With Little Pay and No Job Offers."

I have a lot of thoughts on this, but I think I'll share them in a series of posts. So stay tuned.

photo credit: Sudden Fiction via photopin cc