Listen to Tim Ferris Interview Maria Popova

maria popova brain pickings

Maria Popova is a writer best known for her site Brain Pickings, where she explores answers to "that grand question of how to live, and how to live well." It sounds to me like Tim Ferris feels almost giddily starstruck by her in this interview -- and rightfully so. Maria's perspective on living, working, and creating is so full of wisdom that you can't help but come away from reading or listening to her without feeling deeply impacted.

Maria has a huge audience, yet she never seems to pander to it. Her strength as an author and communicator lies in her disciplined approach to staying true to herself throughout the creative process. While explaining to Tim about how she avoids getting caught up in the trends of writing for the lowest common denominator à la BuzzFeed, she says something along the lines of, "You should create the art you want to consume." Tim sums her up like this:

I can’t emphasize strongly enough what you just said, which is, you base what you do on what you would like or dislike as a reader...It doesn’t have to be super complicated. It doesn’t have to be doing tons of analytics for months before you make a decision. Just ask yourself, ‘Would this annoy the shit out of me?’ If so, don’t do it. ‘Would I love this?’ If so, try it.
— Tim Ferris
photo credit: poptech via photopin cc