The Key to Cycling Safety: Build Better Bike Lanes

I'm new to the sport of cycling, and it shows. I'm terrified of hurtling at high speeds along hard surfaces without the cocoon of a car to protect me. When you're on a bike, every car is a death engine piloted by a homicidal maniac with an itchy steering finger -- at least, that's how it seems to me. So I ride painfully cautiously. 

I've realized why all my fixie-obsessed hipster buds have always been such fanatical bike lane enthusiasts. They want to build bike lanes EVERYWHERE. Why? Because everywhere there AREN'T bike lanes, cyclists are forced to share the road with multi-ton killing machines. And those multi-ton killing machines are a lot more fast and a lot less patient than the cyclists. Properly constructed bike lanes would separate the cyclists from dangerous traffic. They would make vulnerable cyclists safer and velocious drivers satisfied. 

And it gets better: according to this article, bike lanes don’t cause traffic jams if you’re smart about where you build them.

Win-win. Right?