Hello, San Francisco.

 On a hike outside San Francisco.

On a hike outside San Francisco.

It's my 5th day as a San Francisco resident. This sums up my experience thus far:

1. The weather is amazing and everything is beautiful (unless it is rusted and piss-soaked, but hey, you can ignore that part). Besides the stupid high cost of living, I have trouble understanding why anyone would ever want to leave this place.

2. I'm still not sure what to expect from this coding class I'm enrolled in at Dev Bootcamp. I can't wait until the full-time portion of it starts on April 26th so I can finally decide for myself.

3. There are many homeless people here, but my favorite is the guy who carries his pet bunny around Haight street in a basket. That reminds me of a quote by Mary Lou Kownacki that I just heard today: “There isn’t anyone you couldn’t love once you’ve heard their story.” Think about that. You'll see the connection.

4. Nothing will make you savor every moment of life more deeply than risking death daily as a cycling commuter in the city.

5. No matter where I go in life, I always manage to acquire some minor injuries. So far San Francisco has added a sprained wrist, scraped knee, and jammed forefinger to the shoulder tendonitis and hip flexor strain that I brought here with me. Good job, San Francisco. You move fast.

6. ALSO no matter where I go in life, I always manage to find myself in the company of amazing human beings. This time I have old friends, new friends, and even family here to share new experiences with. I can't put into words just how good that feels.