Find an Excellent Teacher


While listening to a podcast (probably Tim Ferris's), I heard someone discuss a quote (which I will now misquote because I can't remember it or find it again) that goes something like this:

When you find an excellent teacher, you should study with him, regardless of what he has to teach you. No matter what his subject, you will learn infinitely more from him than you could on your own.
— ???

This struck me as one of the best ideas I've ever heard. If you had an expert in ANYTHING living next door to you, wouldn't you be missing out on a great opportunity if you didn't ask him for lessons? If you could attend a lecture from the leading insert-your-favorite-discipline-here, shouldn't you go? I've had a lot of good teachers in my life -- academic teachers, physical coaches, and spiritual leaders -- and I've always learned more from them than I ever could on my own. They taught me things I wouldn't have thought to try to learn. They are worth seeking out.

I challenge you to find a great new teacher -- today -- and sign up for lessons. It can be in anything. Just do it.