How to Distract Yourself from a Phone Distraction


I've noticed that when I feel stressed or have a lot of thoughts swirling in my head, I pick up my phone and look at random crap on Reddit. 

This doesn't make me feel more clear. It's like putting one more layer of toilet paper and taking another dump in an already stopped-up toilet. It looks less messy because you can't see what's underneath. But when you try to flush it, you'll be even more clogged up than before -- maybe even overflowing.

Note to people who do this in public restrooms: DON'T. Get a plunger, for pete's sake.

I'm working on being more mindful and in the moment. Looking at random and meaningless crap on the internet, no matter how cute and cat-filled it may be, takes me out of the moment and just distracts me more than I would like. So, as self-defense, I periodically block Reddit from my phone browser. Sometimes I cave and allow it again. But every time I block it, I notice that I feel more peaceful overall. I still get the itch to distract myself from my own mind. But without easy access to dopamine-filled brain snacks like cute cat videos on Reddit, I end up staring into space and zoning out, or actually THINKING about the thing I don't want to think about, or FEELING the feelings I don't want to feel. And then everything in that crapped up toilet flushes right on down.

What meaningless distractions are stopping up your toilet?

photo credit: wuestenigel TouchID on Apple iPhone via photopin (license)